Teri Gilliam

Teri Gilliam

Owner and Opterator of Senior Citizens Services

Here are Senior Citizen Services, we are a very caring service for seniors.

I started this business due to a passion that I have always had for helping seniors. They are precious and deserve the best care we can provide. We are here to help anyway we can in this a huge and confusing world.

We invite you to be part of a family based business and let us make you and yours a part of our family.

  • Stay in the comfort of your own home and not have a care in the world.
  • Senior Citizens Services is here to make seniors and their families lives easier. We take the headache out of daily living activities.
  • Senior Citizens Services works closely with family members to insure quality of care and to meet all their needs.
  • Senior Citizens Services is a state licensed, insured and bonded personal support service agency.
  • We provide service to upper East TN and southwest VA.
  • We have over 45 years Experience in senior care giving in homes, nursing homes, Assisted living facilities and hospitals.
  • We follow the Service recipient wherever they go. When they need us we will be there. 24 hours a day or just few hours a day, whatever is needed.
  • All Senior Citizens Services employees are trained and go through an extensive Background check including criminal, sexual, abuse and more. You can always be assured you or your family members are in safe hands.
    Close supervision of all in Home caregivers is provided.
  • We make sure the caregiver and the service recipient are a good match.
  • All seniors deserve kindness and respect.
  • We will be your guardian angels.
  • We run Nationwide background checks
  • We are insured, licensed and bonded
  • We provide 24 hours In-Home care